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Animals at Lazy Days

Ty, our german shepherd

This is Ty our german shepherd. He is one of the three dogs we have as family pets. They are always around and love to meet and greet guests upon arrival. They are all friendly and have made many friends when our guests have stayed here.

This is Oliver, one of our stud male alpacas.

Our 2 young male alpacas being introduced to our new miniature donkeys, George and Florence.

Lazy Days Alpacas

Tara, our pregnant female , cria due september 2016
Tara and our first cria, Willow in June 2015

Our Donkeys

This is Miya our 19 year old donkey. She came to Lazy Days in June 2012, late one sunday evening. She had escaped from a nearby field and came and found us. We managed to locate the owner, who eventually agreed we could keep her. She is a gentle giant and loves to be around people.

These mediterranean miniature donkeys are Florence and George. They stand approximately 27 inches at the shoulder and are as cute as can be. Both are very friendly and are great around people. We take these 2 for walks around our hamlet much to the amusement of our french neighbours!

Our goats at Lazy Days

This is Timmy our pygmy billie goat. He is full of character and likes nothign better than to play with the other goats or alpacas.

Timmy and Oliver


Herbie, our resident male Muscovy drake
bathtime for maggie, Blanche and goose

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